Mineral Carbon Capture

Helping nature turn CO2 into rocks and sand - locking it away for thousands of years.


Saving the planet, one rock at a time

An incredibly scaleable carbon capture solution uniquely suited to Western Australia. We process waste rock from mining critical metals, enhancing natural processes which allow this rock to absorb atmospheric CO2


Natural Rock Weathering

Nature captures CO2 slowly, over millenia on a geological timescale, when certain very common minerals contained in rock react with water and CO2 from the atmosphere. 

This process transforms the minerals in the rock into different, crumblier rock and is part of how the landscape around us weathers naturally over time. The naturally formed materials are stable and inert. 

In nature this happens slowly because only a small amount of suitable rock is present at the earths surface and naturally exposed to water and CO2.

Enhanced Rock Weathering

We can speed up these natural processes by making more rock with the right mineral content available to react with water and atmospheric CO2. It turns out the world already does this on a huge scale, when we mine critical metals. By processing waste rock from mining operations we can accelerate the rate of carbon capture making it an valuable carbon capture solution on a human timescale


Operating Mines

Most operating mines generate huge quantities of waste rock (millions of tonnes) which we can process to absorb CO2

Legacy Mines

Closed and abandoned mines are opportunity to capture CO2 and clean up where remediation might have been less than ideal  



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